Corporate Governance Scholar & Consultant

A Corporate governance consultant and scholar, he is a global award-winning leader. He has 25+ years’ of experience helping Fortune 500 companies, global nonprofits, and governments to accomplish their desired potential. For example, he has personally coached 200+ corporate directors and c-suite leaders.

He is a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Using relational systems thinking lens, his dissertation focuses on Fortune 500 corporate director relationships. He is on the board of the American Public University School of Business. He is a member of 10 professional organizations, including the International Corporate Governance Society.

Ticha is an Global Hall of Fame member, an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a CIM Chartered Marketer, a PMI Project Management Professional (PMP), an IMCUSA Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Master MBTI Certified, MBTI Step III Certified, Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM), NLP Practitioner, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Certified National Trainer (CNT) and JCI Senator.


Corporate Governance Consultant & Scholar ; University of Pennsylvania Doctoral Student

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